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It’s not all rosy…

by Louisa Crook

We’re just going to say it. Red skin is a giant pain. It presents in so many ways and in varying degrees of severity. Whether you have full-blown rosacea or your skin is enraged from fighting the battle against acne, you will feel have felt the embarrassment and insecurity of this particular affliction.

So what can you do about it? Well, quite frankly, lots. That’s the good news. The bad news is that rarely is it a simple, quick or enduring fix. Rosacea, in particular, is likely to be a skin situation that you will have to manage for a long time before seeing lasting improvements. In this blog, we will be considering the milder presentations of rosacea and redness, as well as the products available to you that can help calm those facial fires. If you suffer, or think you might suffer, from severe or chronic rosacea, we strongly recommend you consult a dermatologist.

“You’re blushing!”

The words every rosacea-afflicted person dreads hearing. It seems to be the one skin condition that people have no problem pointing out. Ok, so probably these same people genuinely believe your red complexion is you blushing and they simply have to know why, but the attention they draw can be nothing but horrifying to you, the centre of it. After all, what do you do? Announce your skin condition and make yourself even more uncomfortable? Lie and pretend you were blushing and have to make up a reason as to why? Try a third option – do something about it.

Prepare for a long game

To be honest, addressing any skincare issue is a long game. There are no quick fixes. You have to be consistent and dedicated. You also have to accept that the first product you try, the product that might have worked for your friend, may not be the one that works for you. You may have the same affliction as the next person, but what sorted their skin may not be what resolves your concern. Everyone has different skin, regardless of similar concerns.

Keep calm

Off the bat, you’re going to want to find products that will keep your skin nice and calm and happy. This means you may need to knock products like retinol, vitamin C and AHAs/BHAs on the head, at least until your skin is in a better place. These products can irritate the skin and exacerbate redness and discomfort. What you want to look for are emollient and occlusive products that will keep your skin moisturised and protected. Cerave is a great product range for rich, ceramide-infused moisturisers such as the moisturizing cream and its night time partner. There’s also the healing ointment for times when your skin needs extra help.

One of the best ingredients for redness has to be Centella Asiatica. This super-calming skincare additive is fantastic at reducing redness and every product this author has tried with centella in it has felt wonderful on the skin. Purito have a fantastic product in their Centella Green Level Recovery Cream – a must-have for any rosacea sufferers. (Yes, we are well aware of the Purito Centella SPF scandal, but quite honestly, it’s still a wonderful product. Just don’t use it as an SPF!). There’s also Etude House’s Soon Jung Barrier Intensive Cream, which is a lifesaver for most skin irritations.

Stay positive

If there’s one piece of advice about dealing with skincare issues that we could give, it’s not about any products. It’s about not giving up, staying positive and focusing on the end goal. It’s not easy, and we get that, trust us. So don’t get defeated, stay the course, be consistent, and the results will come.

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