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Don’t put food on your face!

by Louisa Crook

It’s a little strange that we even have to say it.

Skincare “fads” will always be around. When one is debunked, another pops up to take its place. And the Beauty Booth team will be here to provide our valued customers with the yay or nay of the latest “in” thing. Of course, some fads stick around and for good reason. The recent retinol revolution is one such craze that emerged as being totally legit and can no longer even be called a fad. It’s just good science.

It’s all about the science

Ah science. That crucial discipline that makes all the difference between rubbing fruit…or fruit extracts on your precious visage. And therein lies the all-important distinction, and, possibly the root cause of peoples’ beliefs that rather than use a serum, use an ingredient of that serum. If a product has a little bit of berry in it, then surely, more berry is better, right? The answer, before anyone pops down to the local grocer, is no.

Why is it spicy?

Lemon or lime juice for hyperpigmentation, cinnamon masks for detoxification, apple cider vinegar for fading blemish scars. You might try these options and escape unscathed (with likely very little change to your skin). Or you may enduce months of phytophotodermatitis (a phototoxic reaction care of the psoralens in lemons and limes). Cinnamon can present allergic reactions in it pure form, but even without an allergic reaction, it is still a highly irritating spice. Let’s not forget that people are rubbing it into their lips to make them swell up for that no-filler filler look. And as for apple cider vinegar, well, that is highly acidic and with improper dilution, can straight-up burn your face.

Formulas, formulas, formulas

In no way, are we denouncing the usefulness of fruits (and veggies, for that matter) in skincare. They can be pivotal ingredients that do so much for your skin (not least if you eat them – a healthy diet is also an important part of skincare). There are even some instances where fruits and veggies directly on your face can help with certain issues. How many of you use cool cucumber slices for those puffy morning eyes? (Though, it’s only the “cool” bit having the desired effect) What we, and a host of estheticians and dermatologists alike are talking about, is the delivery of the benefits of these ingredients. It would be wonderful if we could just grab an orange and call that our Vitamin C serum, but it’s just not that simple. To get your skin to absorb ingredients there needs to be a mechanism of delivery that works. It needs to be able to penetrate the layers of your skin. Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s not. And it’s the formula – the various other elements put together – that act as conduits to that main beneficial ingredient to ensure your skin absorbs that product. Add to that, the stability of the ingredients. Like fruits and veggies, skincare ingredients go bad. The formula is what keeps your products viable for the duration of use.

They’re experts for a reason

Skincare comes with a price tag. And it’s possibly this price tag that pushes some people into looking for more affordable options, and what’s more affordable than a trip to the supermarket produce aisle? But that price tag means something. It means that skincare professionals have worked to capture ingredients that will benefit your skin. Ingredients that have the irritating elements removed. Ingredients that are mixed with other ingredients that compliment each other and do even more for your skin. That’s not to say you have to be paying exorbitant prices for the best products. It also doesn’t work that way. However, a little research and reading up on products that are out there can mean your money goes on only the good stuff. (Or, you can just have a squiz through our skincare products, because we’ve already done that bit for you!).

So, the next time you’re eyeing up that avocado and wondering about rubbing it all over your face, stop. Add a little salt, maybe a touch of pepper…and put it in your mouth instead. Your body will appreciate it! (Then grab some Glow Recipe Avocado Ceramide Recovery Serum instead – your skin will appreciate it!)

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